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Soccer is the World's Sport. The Beautiful Game. Some links to some top teams and competitions around the world.

World Cup: Celebrazio Tech Report for 2014.

Golden Ball: Jinx Continues! A History of the Ballon d'Or and World Cup results summary.

  • Golden Ball, World Cup matrix has been updated with Robert Lewandowski FIFA Best champion back-to-back and World Cup jinx for Messi's Argentina.

World Cup: Celebrazio coverage for 2006.

Derbys: Biggest Derbys in Britain

Serie A: Champions History

Lazio (Rome, Serie A) Home Page.

Arsenal (London) Home Page.

  • Set unprecedented new record in English top flight with undefeated season and 49 game undefeated streak, 2003-2004.

United States National Teams
USSoccer.com with great articles. Achieved highest-ever world ranking, #5, in 2006.


Jersey numbering: In the modern number system, certain numbers got the chance to shine. Number 10 for playmaker, 9 for the striker, 5 for the libero. Defensive midfield players, often the "hard man" in the midfield, are the typical number 6, and the leg-breakingly hard central defender is notoriously the number 4.

Greatest Penalty Kick of all time? that would go to Andreas Brehme, Germany, for his winner in the 1990 World Cup Final. He finished off Argentina in the 84th minute with the only goal of the game.

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