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Running - World's Best Races

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Event/Link Schedule Description
Carlsbad 5000, San Diego March / April It's only 5000 meters! And it's a beautiful setting, with an elite field and lots of energetic spectators. Voted by Runners World as the Best Road-race venue, also features a great post-race party.
Bolder Boulder, Colorado late May One of the largest road races, with over 40,000 participants annually. This 10K race held annually on America's Memorial Day holiday offers fantastic training value, thanks to the elevation of over 6000 feet in Colorado. And widely regarded as a great event for runners and athletes of all interests.
Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta July 4 Held annually on America's Independence Day, Peachtree is the largest 10K race in the World. Entry is limited, and sellouts regular. It has now been operating for over 30 years, and always features an elite field.
Bay to Breakers, San Francisco mid-May Now established for over 90 years, Bay to Breakers is known to attract crowds of over 80,000, running across the San Francisco peninsula. Lately gaining great notoriety for the attire (and lack thereof) of so many of the participants. Probably better considered an Event than a race, as the running is clearly secondary. Distance just over 12K.
Great North Run, Newcastle late September The Great North Run is one of the world's great running festivals and is the biggest half marathon. The race starts at 10.10 just north of Newcastle city centre, and the finish is at Clifftop Park, South Shields, a popular seaside resort. Now over 20 years in the running.
Big Sur Marathon, California late April One of the most beautiful marathon courses, the Big Sur has been gaining popularity in recent years. Not a fast course, as the California coastal hills are enormous (600+ foot Hurricane point!), but one which moves you and usually provides fantastic memories and weather. A beautiful place to spend a weekend.
Boston Marathon mid-April This is THE race. But it's entry requirements are fairly strict, unless you know somebody.
London Marathon mid-April The London Marathon is a marathon for every runner. The beautiful course, enthusiastic crowds, and party atmosphere appeal to first-timers, while the speed of the course and organization draw seasoned marathoners. Draws over 30,000 runners.
Hood-to-Coast Relay, Oregon late August The largest relay race in North America, it stretches 195 miles from the top of Oregon's Mt. Hood, down to the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, Oregon. Over 12,000 runners show up to experience this annual event, with over 20 years of history. Entry limited, and the race is known to sell out fast!

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