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Running or Cycling Race Split and Lap Calculator

October, 2018

Want to convert from miles to Kilometers? Or find out how fast to run in your next event? From standard 10k running races to more complex or unique distances, running, cycling, swimming or other timed event, use this calculator to break down target times to splits, or determine a final time based on split or lap times. Plan your race pace and splits, figure out how far you ran based on your estimated pace, or calculate the pace of your last training run or ride.

P A C E   C A L C U L A T O R
hours mins secs
To calculate your time, fill in your distance and pace then click here:
To calculate your distance, fill in your time and pace then click here:
hr min sec
Per Hour (kph or mph).
To calculate your pace, fill in your time and distance then click here:

Running and Cycling events

Some of the best running races in the world are listed on the Best Running Races page. Check it Here.

Overview of common distances

1 mile =  1.609 kilometers
Marathon = 26 7/32 miles =  42.195 kilometers
1 kilometer = 0.6215 miles

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