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World Cup Germany 2006 - Group

Jul, 2006

World Cup Germany 2006 organized by FIFA took place June 9 to July 9. These are photos from Germany of our group safe for posting.

Celebrazio in Germany

  • Trip itinerary: June 23-24: Amsterdam; June 25 Brussels; June 26-27 Cologne (day trip: Dortmund) for matches 54 and 55. June 28-29 Rhineland; June 30 Hamburg (match 58); July 1-4 Cologne / Rhine area; July 2 Krombacher brewery tour; July 4 Dortmund (match 61). July 5-7 Stuttgart area.
  • Amsterdam Visit Documented: World Cup Celebrazio Amsterdam pages are up.
  • Brazil v. Ghana match, Dortmund: Round of 16 match photos posted.
  • Switzerland v. Ukraine match, Cologne: Round of 16 match photo page is here.
  • Germany Scenes Documented: World Cup Celebrazio Germany pics are up: summer and fun all around.
  • Hamburg featured a Soccer theme in their local history museum which provided these classics.
  • And the game in Hamburg was great too: Italy vs. Ukraine in the Quarterfinal match.
  • Historic, Fantastic Semi-final: Germany vs. Italy match from Dortmund, July 4th was spectacular: 2-0 overtime victory puts Italy through to the Final.

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Getting ready for the Round of 16 match -heading for Cologne (Koln) stadium.


Adidas-sponsored support staff. I'm lost or something.


Swiss Fans and our fans of the group. Too bad for the Swiss on this night.


Fearless leader sets us straight again.


Relaxing on a rest day. What better way ?


Party at Manuel's in Cologne was well-attended.


At the station in prep for the Brazil game. Round of 16 vs. Ghana.


We partied on the train ride home after Brazil beat Ghana. Who needs seats? train was crowded anyway, we occupied the corridor and played rock and roll.

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