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Yakushima, Japan Adventure - Mountain


Yakushima, Japan, the Floating Alps. Home of the ancients, World Heritage island. Photos of the Mountain: tallest in all of Kyushu.

Other photos available from a Yakushima adventure: Yaku-sugi Trees; Waters of Yakushima; also Yakushima Forests.
Also, read more about the World Heritage, park, and ecosystem of Yakushima here.

Yakushima photos - The Mountain

Yakushima is an island - to drive around the perimeter is a task of only a couple hours (it's slow going). The island has roughly a diameter of 26 kilometers, and the tall peak that rises in the center reaches close to 2000 meters. This is Miyanoura-dake (Miyanoura Peak).

National Park Sign

A remnant of a bygone era: this logging train was used to get timber, the felled giant cedar trees, down the mountain easier through the difficult terrain. Now it is used by national park workers to maintain the park. This is Kirishima Yaku National Park. (Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan)

Logging Train

Trailhead, and direction indications about moving around the high parts of the island. This is Miyanoura-dake hiking trailhead.

Trailhead to the Summit


Climbing up, first you must pass through the thick rain forest. But the mountain is very tall. Continuing up, you reach a level where the clouds dissipate, there is less frequent rain, and the ecosystem and climate change. Here there are fewer tall trees, more meadows.

Meadow Marsh

Here are some deer in the meadow on Miyanoura-dake

Meadow Life -- deer

Bald Hill

High Meadow

Summit Hill

Signs point to summit (right), and other trail (left). This is Hana-no-Ike River.

Summit Meadow Sign

Miyanoura-dake, peak of Yakushima


Impressive views from the summit, looking down on the rainforest clouds.


a look at the neighbor peak on Yakushima.

Summit View

Summit View

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