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Yakushima, Japan Adventure - Rain Forest


Yakushima, Japan, the Floating Alps. Home of the ancients, World Heritage island. Photos of the amazing Rain Forests.

Other photos available: Yaku-sugi trees; Mountains; also Yakushima Waters. Also, read more about the World Heritage, park, and ecosystem of Yakushima here.

Yakushima photos - Rain Forest

There is good water here - and a lot of it. The forests change as you go up in altitude, from the coast to the nearly 2000 meter summit of Miyanoura peak.

Upper Yakushima Forest

Upper Yakushima Forest

Misty Yakushima Forest

Lower Yakushima Forest

Lower Yakushima Forest - ridge

Inside the Forest
Strange trails

mound (a blur)

Trees covered with moss

Scenes that inspired the Princess Mononoke Animation movie
were taken from Yakushima.
Mononoke forest, Yakushima

Mossy Forest

The rich, dense forest, and the constant damp climate and rainfall make this rainforest ecosystem unique in the world.

Dense Forest

Forest Boughs

Ferny Stumps

The forests are very thick, and dense. It was often too dark for easy photographing. So I used some tricks with my digital camera (Nikon), including a few in black and white.

Tree branches

Trees in mist

Forest heights, mist of Yakushima

Ephiphytes: the dense ecosystem that is the Yakushima forest reveals complex symbiotic relationships between these numerous plants.


Can you see the animals in the forest?


The main wildlife we saw were the playful monkeys (here), and stocky deer. A lot of birds were seen and heard, but there seemed to be few bugs, insects, snakes and other annoyances, leaving it very enjoyable for the traveler.

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