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Bicycling - Shimano Road Bike Parts Compatibility - Tables

Dec., 2015

Shimano compatibility charts come in handy for assembling your bicycle, planning purchases, or troubleshooting. This page of Tables is a compilation of Shimano specifications not found in the compatibility charts alone. The source of these data is Shimano's product manuals.


Derailer Capacity

 Source:  Shimano specifications. 
 Model      Speeds          total capacity      low sprocket  top sprocket       Front chainwheel 
                                                 max (min)     min (max)         tooth difference

 Dura Ace:
 RD 9000  (SS) 11sp -double    33 or less             28(23)    11(14)               16
 RD 9070  (SS) 11sp -double    33 or less             28(23)    11(14)               16
 RD 6800  (SS) 11sp -double    33 or less             28(23)    11(14)               16
 RD 6800  (GS) 11sp -double    37 or less             32(28)    11(12)               16
 RD 6870  (SS) 11sp -double    33 or less             28(23)    11(14)               16 
 RD 6870  (GS) 11sp -double    37 or less             32(28)    11(12)               16 
 RD 5800  (SS) 11sp -double    33 or less             28(23)    11(14)               16
 RD 5800  (GS) 11sp -double    37 or less             32(28)    11(12)               16

 Dura Ace: 
 RD 7900  (SS) 10sp -double    33 or less             28        11                   16
 RD 7970 (Di2) 10sp -double    32 or less             27        11                   16
 RD 6770  (SS) 10sp -double    33 or less             28(23)    11(12)               16
 RD 6700  (SS) 10sp -double    33 or less             28        11                   16
 RD 6700  (GS) 10sp -triple    39 or less             28        11                   22
 RD 6700A (SS) 10sp -double    34 or less             30(23)    11(15)               16
 RD 6700A (GS) 10sp -triple    40 or less             30(23)    11(14)               22
 RD 5700  (SS) 10sp -double    34 or less             30        11                   16
 RD 5700  (GS) 10sp -triple    39 or less             30        11                   22
 RD 5701  (SS) 10sp -double    34 or less             30(25)    11(14)               16 
 RD 5701  (GS) 10sp -triple    40 or less             30(25)    11(14)               22
 RD 5701  (GS) 10sp -double    37 or less             32(27)    11(12)               16
 RD 4600  (SS) 10sp -double    34 or less             30        11                   16
 RD 4600  (GS) 10sp -triple    39 or less             30        11                   22
 RD 4601  (SS) 10sp -double    34 or less             30        11                   16
 RD 4601  (GS) 10sp -triple    40 or less             30        11                   22
 RD 4601  (GS) 10sp -double    37 or less             32(27)    11(12)               16 

 Dura Ace: 
 RD 7800  (SS) 10sp -double    29 or less             27        11                   14
 RD 7800  (GS) 10sp -triple    37 or less             27        11                   22
 RD 6600  (SS) 10sp -double    29 or less             27        11                   14
 RD 6600  (GS) 10sp -triple    37 or less             27        11                   22
 RD 5600  (SS) 10sp -double    29 or less             27        11                   16
 RD 5600  (GS) 10sp -triple    37 or less             27        11                   22

 Dura Ace: 
 RD 7700  (SS) 9sp -double    26 or less              26        11                   14
 RD 6500  (SS) 9sp -double    29 or less              28        11                   14
 RD 6501  (GS) 9sp -triple    37 or less              27        11                   22
 RD 5501  (SS) 9sp -double    29 or less              27        11                   14
 RD 5501  (GS) 9sp -triple    37 or less              27        11                   22

Derailer Capacity Examples:
You have a Shimano 105 RD5600 short cage (double) on your bike. You contemplate a change of cassette sprocket. There is no minimum range, so with a smallest cog size of 11, you could use 11-21 or 11-23 no problem. At the max size, your limit would be a 27-tooth cog. If your front chainrings are 53-39, then you could just get away with a 12-27 cogset. That's 14 difference in front, plus 15 difference in rear, which totals 29, which just equals the total capacity of the RD5600 derailer. You should not use an 11-27. Total capacity indicates the maximum chain slack the derailer can take up.

If you have a compact front crankset, say 34 and 50-tooth chainrings, and an RD5700 double rear derailer, the RD total capacity is 34 now, of which 16 are used in front, leaving a max span of 18 for the rear cogset: you can run a 12-30 cassette in this scenario.

Compatibility Chart 2021 - Capacities

History of Shimano - Road Models

Model Series Year Specification notes
Dura-Ace 7100 1973 5 speed
Dura-Ace 7200 EX 1978 5 speed
Dura-Ace 7300 AX 1980 5 speed
Dura-Ace 7400 1984 6 speed
Dura-Ace 7400 1987 7 speed
Dura-Ace 7400 1988 8-speed
Dura-Ace 7600 1985 Track specific
Dura-Ace 7700 1996 9-speed
Dura-Ace 7800 2003 10-speed
Dura-Ace 7900 2008 10-speed
Dura-Ace 7970 2009 Di2 electronic shifting 10-speed
Dura-Ace 9000 2012 11-speed
Dura-Ace 9070 2013 Di2 electronic shifting 11-speed
Ultegra 6100 1975 5 speed
Ultegra 6200 1978 5/6 speed
Ultegra 6207 1983 6 speed
Ultegra 6400 1987 6/7/8 speed
Ultegra 6500 1997 9-speed
Ultegra 6600 2005 10-speed
Ultegra 6700 2010 10-speed
Ultegra 6770 2011 Di2 electronic shifting 10-speed
Ultegra 6800 2014 11-speed


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Ultegra: STR8170 (Di2 disk brake)    STR8150 (Di2 rim brake)    STR8025 (hydraulic)    STR8000    STR8020(hydraulic)    STR8050    STR8060    STR8070(Di2 hydraulic)    ST6871(Di2)    ST6800    ST6700    ST6703(triple)    ST6603(triple)    ST6600    ST6770(Di2)    ST6500(9-speed)    ST6510(9-speed)    ST6400(8-speed)
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GRX: STRX815 (Di2 hydraulic disc)    STRX610(hydraulic disc)    STRX600    STRX820 (hydraulic disc)    STRX810 (hydraulic disc)   
105: STR7170 (Di2 disk brake)    STR7120 (hydraulic disk brake)    STR7000    STR7020    STR7025    ST5800    ST5700    ST5703(triple)    ST5603(triple)    ST5601    ST5510(9-spd)
Disc: STRS685(mech.)    STRS505(mech.)    STRS785(Di2)    STR785
Other: ST4720 (Tiagra Disc) ST4725 (Tiagra Disc) ST4700 (Tiagra 10-speed)    ST4703 (10-spd triple)    STR700    ST4500 (Tiagra 9-speed)    ST4400 (Tiagra 8-spd)
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Adapters: SMAD91   
Ultegra: FDR8150(Di2)    FDR8000    FDR8050(Di2)    FD6870 (Di2)    FD6800    FD6700    FD6770(Di2)    FD6703(triple)    FD6600    FD6603(triple)    FD6500(9-speed)    FD6503(9-speed triple)
GRX: FDRX815 (Di2)    FDRX820 (12-speed)    FDRX810   
105: FDR7150 (Di2 12-speed)    FDR7100 (12-speed)    FDR7000    FD5801    FD5800    FD5700    FD5703(triple)    FD5600    FD5603(triple)    FD5501(9-spd)    FD5504(9-spd triple)
Other: FD4700 (Tiagra 10-spd)    FD4703 (10-spd triple)    FD4500 (Tiagra 9-spd)    FD4503 (9-spd triple)    FD4403 (8-spd triple)
Rear Derailer Dura Ace: RDR9250    RDR9150    RDR9100    RD9000(11-speed)    RD7900    RD7970(Di2)    RD7800    RD7803(triple)    RD7701(9-spd)    RD7402(8-spd)
Ultegra: RDR8150 (Di2 12-speed)    RDR8000    RDR8050(Di2)    RD6870 (Di2)    RD6800(SS)    RD6800(GS)    RD6700A(GS)    RD6700    RD6770(Di2)    RD6703(triple)    RD6600    RD6603(triple)    RD6500(9-spd)    RD6400(8-spd)
GRX: RDRX815 (Di2)    RDRX822(1x12 speed)    RDRX820    RDRX810    RDRX400   
105: RDR7100 (12-speed)    RDR7150 (Di2 12-speed)    RDR7000    RD5800    RD5701    RD5700    RD5703(triple)    RD5600    RD5603(triple)    RD5501(9-spd)
Other: RD4700(10-spd)    RD4500(9-spd)
Cranks Dura Ace: FCR9200    FCR9200P(power meter)    FCR9100P(power meter)    FCR9100    FC9000    FC7900    FC7950(compact)    FC7800    FC7803(triple)    FC7701(9-spd)       FC7703(9-spd triple)   
Ultegra: FCR8100    FCR8100P (power meter)    FCR8000    FC6800    FC6700    FC6750(compact)    FC6703(triple)    FC6601    FC6604(triple)    FC6650(compact)    FC6500(9-spd)    FC6503(9-spd triple)
GRX: FCRX820-2    FCRX810    FCRX610-2    FCRX600   
105: FCR7100    FCRS520 (12-speed)    FCR7000    FC5800    FC5700    FC5703(triple)    FC5750(compact)    FC5600    FC5603(triple)    FC5650(compact)    FC5502(9-spd)    FC5505(9-spd triple)
Other: FCRS510    FC4700 (10-spd Tiagra)    FC4703 (10-spd triple)    FC4500(9-spd Tiagra)    FC4550(9-spd)    FC4503(triple)
Chainrings Dura Ace: FC9000    FC7900       FC7800    FC7803(triple)    FC7701(9-spd)       FC7703(9-spd triple)   
Ultegra: FC6700    FC6750(compact)    FC6703(triple)    FC6601    FC6604(triple)    FC6650(compact)    FC6500(9-spd)    FC6503(9-spd triple)
105: FC5700    FC5703(triple)    FC5750(compact)    FC5600    FC5603(triple)    FC5650(compact)    FC5502(9-spd)    FC5505(9-spd triple)
Other: FC4700 (10-spd Tiagra)    FC4703 (10-spd triple)    FC4500(9-spd Tiagra)    FC4550(9-spd)    FC4503(triple)
Bottom Bracket Dura Ace: BBR9100    SMBB9241 (press-fit)    BB9000(11-speed)    BB7900    SMFC7801    BB7700    BB7703    BB7410   
Ultegra: SMBBR60    BB6700    SMFC6601    BB6500   
105: BB5700    SMFC5600    BB5500   
Other: BBRS500    SMFC4500    BBUN72    BBUN52    BBUN40
Hubs Dura Ace: FH9000(rear, 11-sp.)    FH7900(rear)    FH7800(rear)    FH7700(rear)    HB7900(front)    HB7800(front)    HB7700(front)   
Ultegra: FHRS770(disc)    FH6800(rear)    FH6700(rear)    FH6600(rear)    HB6700(front)    HB6600(front)    FH6402
105: FHR7070(disc)    FHR7000    FH5800(rear)    HB5800(front)    FH5700(rear)    HB5700(front)   
Disc: FHRS505    FHRS400 Other: FH4500(Tiagra)
Chains Dura Ace: CNM9100(12-speed)    CNHG90011(11-speed)    CN9000(11-speed)    CN7901    CN7801    CN7701(9-spd)    CN7401(8-spd)
Ultegra: CNM8100 (12-speed)    CNHG700-11    CN6800    CN6701    CN6600    CNHG93    CNHG91
105: CNM7100 (12-speed)    CNHG600-11    CN5701    CN5600    CNHG73    CNHG70
Other: CNHG95    CNHG53    CNHG50
KMC: KMC Chain Section
Wipperman: Wipperman Chains and Connecting Links

Compatibility Notes

Rear derailer capacity limits For Details, see derailer capacity table. Shimano charts provide for an exception to the compatibility rules between cassette sprockets and rear derailers. Specifically, only the 7900-, 6700-, and 5700- series rear derailers have sufficient capacity to support a cassette with sprockets differing as much as 16 teeth or more from small to large cog. For this reason, the 11-28 tooth cogset (17 tooth difference), available in 7900-, 6700-, and 5700- series is not compatible with the older series rear derailers. The 11-27 tooth cogset, only available in 7900-series, has the same limitation. For the older 10-speed derailers (7800-, 6600-, and 5600-series), the maximum cogset tooth size difference supported is up to 15 teeth (as in the 12-27 size).

Part Naming Color Codes Shimano parts such as FC-6601 may have a 1-letter suffix, for example FC-6601-G. This letter is a color indicator and for the purposes of compatibility, this letter is ignored. The monkey can sleep easier without it, knowing the color does not affect compatibility in any part combination. Use the charts and the monkey without the color suffix. Other suffixes were for example, RD-5600-S (silver), ST-5600-L (black), where the FC-6601-G is gray. Parts with no suffix are silver, as is the suffix S, only used when there is another color option for the same part.

Shimano 105 Triple Shifter Change The 9-speed 105 front (left) shifter (model ST-5500 or ST-5510) is compatible with both a double or a triple crank configuration. Shimano's move to 10-speed cogsets initially started out like this: the 105 front shifter (left, ST-5600) was compatible with both a double or a triple crank configuration. But Shimano saw a large number of warranty claims due to breakage of the shifters caused by improper setup early on. Their response was to introduce the double-only compatible ST-5601 and the triple-only ST-5603. Ultegra and Dura-Ace already had the double-only and triple-only shifters.
So, an ST-5601 left shifter is the only one of the 10-speed 105s which is not compatible with triple cranksets. ST-5600 or ST-5603 are good for triples, and ST-5600 is actually a little more prone to damage when setup for double cranks.

Rear Derailer Naming and Charts The Shimano charts leave off mention of triple rear derailers, but there are important distinctions to be aware of. For the monkey and these note pages, we use the standard "03" naming convention for triple rear derailers. There are actual several possible naming conventions for rear derailers, and it is important to distinguish them. The triple-compatible rear derailers, designated on this site as RD-6603 and other IDs ending in "03", have a longer cage to be able to take up more chain, as triples run longer chains than doubles. In other places, these triple rear derailers are designated "GS" as in "RD-6600-GS". These are the same thing. One other description you will hear is "long cage" or "medium cage" to refer to road triples. On a road bike, it's considered long since it's longer than a short-cage RD used for doubles. But since there exist even longer cages (on MTBs for example), the road triple RDs are also called "medium cage" sometimes. Double Derailers: These are designated here as ending in "00" or "01". Other places use "RD-6600-SS" and other IDs suffixed with "SS", or possibly "RD-6600" short cage. There is little difference in functionality among RDs, so the Monkey learned to assume compatibility with respect to triple RDs as parallel to double RDs.

Tip: for triple rear derailers, look for "GS" or "long cage" (sometimes aka "medium cage") or the "03" or "04" numbers. For double rear derailers, look for "SS" or "short cage" or the "00" or "01" numbers.

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