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Beijing Guide


Beijing is "the North Capital" (as written in Chinese characters), for centuries now serving as capital of China. It has been modernizing over the last decades. Here is a short list of North Capital highlights.

Recommended sightseeing:

  • Summer Palace.
    The gardens here feature nice landscape architecture, ahead of its time considering the vintage.
  • Forbidden City
    Fortunately, not forbidden for tourists now.
  • Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
    Some cool shows and shops. For those who can't see all that China has to offer (and considering its size, that amounts to just about all of us), this park provides a very concise but fun glimpse.
  • Photo Archive
    Check out some of the photos of a recent sightseeing trip to Beijing.


  • Quanjude - In a city renowned for it's Roast Duck (Peking Duck), Quanjude enjoys top honors. A chain restaurant, the head branch features decades of photographic relics of political, cultural, and sports icons enjoying themselves at dinner.

Night Life:

  • Suzie Wong - a classy and respectable bar, upscale in a town where the scale averages much lower to begin with. Reminiscent of Hong Kong in its British heyday. The World of Suzie Wong on the web, introductory site.

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