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Japanese Kana Ibus-Mozc Issues on Linux

Problem: Japanese language IME confuguration with Kana input in Ibus-mozc on Debian Bullseye does not result in expected character mapping. Typed characters, especially for those requiring [shift] key, do not appear as expected.

The same problem was described here in 2015.
Issue report (Mozc)

For me, most memorable was that while characters

や ゆ よ
were input from their expected places (some of the right-hand number keys), their smaller forms
ゃ ゅ ょ
surprisingly were not mapped to the same keys (with shift pressed). They still required shift, but were mapped to different keys.

My Japanese input is unusual, as I learned to type Japanese long ago on an authentic Japanese keyboard, (the original kana input, when romaji input or romaji keyboard were not even available) and prefer Kana input to romaji for typing Japanese.

My solution was the simple workaround: revert to fcitx-mozc. Problem was solved, virtually right out of the box.

I don't believe this is limited to Debian Bullseye. The Debian site suggested that Ibus is the more advanced, recommended IME, so I started with that for a while. But these problems were not acceptable. Probably the same issue will occur on any linux distro.

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