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Recommendations, Reviews: Products and Services


These are tried and true products and services. My experience speaks to the quality of each item on this page. Since they have been plenty useful to me, I have no hesitation to share them with friends and hobby enthusiasts alike.

Patagonia Capilene Base Layer

The best option for high-sweat activities, Capilene baselayers come in four weights for different conditions and exertion levels.

Silkweight: the lightest synthetic baselayer - with UPF-15 sun protection - keeps you dry and cool.

Lightweight: the most breathable baselayer - keeps you dry and comfortable.

Midweight: the most versatible baselayer - keeps you dry and warm.

Expedition Weight: the warmest baselayer - keeps you dry and warm.

  • Stood up to 9 hours outdoors on a winter cross-country ski outing.
  • Great job wicking moisture away from the skin. Quick to wick, quick to dry.
  • Compared with a polyester "high profile" base layer on the same trip, the Capilene was 4 times more effective (estimated).
  • Anyway, Capilene was great.
  • No cold, clammy feeling when the workout was over.
  • Comes in colors.
  • Patagonia products come with a lifetime warranty.
Recycled and Recyclable Capilene fabric is made with 50% or more recycled polyester. And it's recyclable. Use the Patagonia Common Threads Recycling Program when it's worn out.
Highest recommendation: I'm buying more capilene from Patagonia.   patagonia.com


  • Sports and fitness fatigue and strain injuries: arnica is your friend.
  • When you get some bruises or soreness, use arnica.
  • Key ingredient: arnica montana
  • Relieves bruises, joint pain, and stiffness from overuse, falls, and light sports injuries.
  • Do not use on broken skin.
Highest recommendation:  it works wonders, it's all natural, and 
not too expensive. 


  • Linux distribution for a wide range of individual computer enthusiasts.
  • Boasts a great online forum.
  • portage sysem makes managing, compiling, and installing software a snap.
  • Don't fret about dependencies, portage handles them too.
  • A learner's system, and customizable: how much do you want to learn?
Highest recommendation:  educational, powerful, flexible, global. 

Firefox from Mozilla

  • Cutting-edge new browser from Mozilla.
  • Open-source gecko based.
  • Better display of favicons.
  • Easy to get hooked on new features: tabbed-browsing, page search bar, password management features, popup blocking.
  • It's open-source, so plug-ins and add-on features appear regularly, organically.
  • Runs on unix, linux, windows, and Macintosh
Highest recommendation:  free, fair, fun, cool, and:  better!

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