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The Whippits Marathon Relay 2001 -- Scenes

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Event Date: April 29, 2000
Big Sur International Marathon Relay

Fun time

Congrats Whippits!

26 miles
The distance.

why we're here
The weather.

Loose Noodle
Loose Noodle, Lighthouse.

Start at Big Sur
Cool, fast and furious: the Start.

After the Start
Done with the Start Leg.

Power on the Run
Drink and Run

Relax Exchange
Exchange Point

Noah Bookin'
What hill? - Noah

Nick greeted by Liz
Great Team effort!

Nick and Liz
Nick and Liz finish.

The Sea, Leg 3

The Sea, Leg 4

Bixby Bridge piano
Piano at Bixby Bridge

Good form for the 26th mile

Jason a-chasin'

Anna finishes for Whippits
Anna sprints to the finish

A sprint to finish
A duel to the finish

The winners, the spoils
Recognition to The Whippits

Steve's Plaque
Steve Receives

Team 2001
What a Day it Was

Galloway and me
Jeff Galloway endorses Whippits!

Mmm pizza
Great pizza

Team Food
Great pizza

Team Food
Great pizza

Team Smiles
Smile if you had fun . . .(Noah, Christina, and Rozan)

Smile of Champions
Smile if you had fun . . . (Anna and Dan)