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Whippits Kayaking in Monterey -- Official News

The Trip is Aug 16th, Saturday. Cost per individual: $20.
The web site: Monterey Bay Kayaks

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Whippits 97 -- Official News

Event Date: April 27, 1997
Big Sur International Marathon Relay

Results: Team A fifth place out of a field of 56. Great job!! Team B -- a very Scenic #40 of 56. Congratulations all!

The roster (two 5-person teams):

        Leg  Team A (Fast)    Team B (Scenic)
	     Bib #4020        Bib #4052  
  	     ------           ------
        1    Anh              Laura
	2    Marc             Syd 
	3    Leo              John
	4    Jason            Steve 
	5    Paula            Suzy 


The Relay teams (3 teams of 5, at least 2 men and 2 women per team).


For the Relay Experience of a Lifetime... You will be treated to classical music as you run along some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. See photos.
Each team's captain will receive a race packet and five originally designed, heavyweight 100% cotton T-shirts. Final results mailed out in September.

Race Info

April 27, 1997 -- 7:00 AM Start
1st runners need to be at the bus at 5:00 AM. You will be bused to the start in Big Sur, and to all exchange points from Carmel High School. After completing your leg you will be bused back to the finish line at Rio Road. You have the option of running through other legs if you like.

Team Fees & Registration

$250.00 == $50/person.

What to Do

Scenes from the Race

(click each to bring up the full sized version)
band piano running Bixby Hills Running Sea

Where to Stay April 26th in Monterey

What to Do

Finish Line Treats