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The Whippits Marathon Relay 2000 -- Team News

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Event Date: April 30, 2000

Big Sur International Marathon Relay

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More of the same this century!

Last year's race was a big success. Thanks everybody for participating. We can make this year as good or better by:

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."
Steve Prefontaine


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Race Info

April 30, 2000 -- 7:00 AM Start
1st runners need to be at the bus at 5:00 AM. You will be bused to the start in Big Sur, and to all exchange points from Carmel High School. After completing your leg you will be bused back to the finish line at Rio Road. You have the option of running through other legs if you like.

Team Fees & Registration

$260.00 == $52/person.

What to Do Now

The race legs.

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Scenes from the Race

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Where to Stay April 29th in Monterey

What to Do Race Weekend

Finish Line Treats

         I-880 S becomes CA-17 S.
			  Drive 4.0 miles. 
	   Follow the signs to stay on CA-17 S.
			 Drive 3.8 miles. 

              Turn LEFT onto CA-17.
		       Drive 12.6 miles. 
	    CA-17 becomes CA-17 S.
		     Drive 5.9 miles. 
	     Take the CA-1 SOUTH exit on the RIGHT towards WATSONVILLE/MONTEREY.
		   Drive 0.4 miles. 
	   Merge onto CA-1 S.
	 CA-1 S becomes CA-1.
		     Drive 20.5 miles. 
          Take the CA-218 exit on the RIGHT towards SEASIDE/DEL REY OAKS.
		     Drive 0.1 miles. 
		     Drive 0.9 miles. 
	   Turn LEFT onto FREMONT BLVD.
	 Drive 0.1 miles to your destination at 1106 Fremont St..

     The Loose Noodle 
     Monterey, Cannery Row
     538 Lighthouse Ave.  (btw Hoffman and McClellan)
     831 641 0130   (was area code 408) 

The Loose Noodle is Right Near Half-Way House on Lighthouse.

The old place, OKane's, is gone now.